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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Need Suggestion to Verify Steam Game Files!

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Joined: 25th Mar 2020
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Posted: 27th Aug 2021 08:35
Hello Friends,

I have been playing this "AppGameKit Classic - Visual Editor" on Steam for few months. But this type of error I had never faced before. I could not able to verify Steam game files of this game . Does anyone have any idea how can I able to solve the issue? Thank you,
AGK Developer
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Posted: 28th Aug 2021 14:53
There are a lot of tech savvy folks here, and several that have published to Steam.
I think what they would need to help you is a lot more info than you have provided. For example:

- The source of the error (AGK, Steam)
- What you were doing when the error occurred (ex: compiling, publishing, executing, downloading, etc)
- The exact syntax/wording of the error message, including any error codes, and what your choices were (option buttons, close window, etc)

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