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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Can primitive data types be manually deleted?

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Joined: 18th Aug 2021
Posted: 24th Sep 2021 14:00
Fellow AppGameKit Classic Basic (tier 1) Programmers;

Can primitive data types (integer, float, string, arrays[]) be manually deleted in AppGameKit Classic Basic (tier 1) like more advanced objects (Image, Sprite, Text, etc.), as I would like to insure my AppGameKit apps maintain the smallest memory footprint possible while running.

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Posted: 24th Sep 2021 15:44
I don't think you can manually delete data types in tier 1, but then you shouldn't need to. AppGameKit is very good at tidying up after itself so it will clear out all variables etc. when the app is ends. If you use local variables in functions then they will be automatically freed when the function ends.

If you are worried about global variables taking up too much space then you could always "zero" them to take up minimum space when you don't need them. For example:
MyInteger = 0
MyFloat# = 0.0
MyString$ = ""
MyArray.length = -1

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