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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Linux error on launch

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Joined: 30th Apr 2019
Posted: 8th Oct 2021 00:30 Edited at: 10th Oct 2021 19:49
When attempting to run the IDE, I get the error:

I was able to fix this with the following steps:

1. Build glibc 2.29 from source (make sure you run 'configure --prefix=<some temporary folder> so 'make install' doesn't try to install over your system folders)
2. Create a glibc folder in the AppGameKit Studio install folder.
3. Copy the folders/files from the temporary location earlier to the glibc folder you just created.
4. Install patchelf using your distros package manager
5. Run the following in the AppGameKit Studio install folder:

6. Run AppGameKit Studio
7. ???
8. Profit!

I don't know if AppGameKit Studio needs to be statically linked against these libraries or what, but that was quite a process to figure out for someone new-ish to using Linux as a daily driver.

I discovered this process also needs done on any Linux binaries produced by AppGameKit Studio. If you have already built glibc 2.29 to run AppGameKit, you can copy the glibc folder from that process to your project folder and run:

Of course your base project folder needs to be your current working directory.

This needs to be done every time the project is rebuilt. Also, if you want to reduce the size of the glibc folder, you can delete everything (I think) from it except the following files in the glibc/lib that was copied:

Hopefully TGC will release a patch to make these steps unnecessary, if possible.

Note, I'm running MX Linux 19.4. None of this may be required on other distros.

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