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3 Dimensional Chat / 3D Models in Mega Media Pack

Olde Worlde Illusions
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Joined: 10th Oct 2021
Posted: 16th Oct 2021 01:56

Is there a listing of the 3d models in the Mega Media Pack? I am interesed in BC themed 3d assets like dinosaurs, caveman, bones, dirt etc.

Virtual Nomad
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Posted: 16th Oct 2021 04:52 Edited at: 16th Oct 2021 04:57
the Mega Media Pack for Studio is a collection of Classic DLCs:

the 3d asset pack contains no characters/creatures/dinosaurs and the assets are general "items" or props & pickups like crates, barrels, some furniture, weapons, etc.. there are a bunch or nearly-random items but no animated models (click the link above to see them all).

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