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FPSC Classic Product Chat / HELP me WITH the "player start" MARKER cannot put in the game!! :/

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Joined: 15th Mar 2020
Posted: 2nd Nov 2021 02:37
Hi guys, i recently installed v1,20 all good, then a few model packs,
in the editor all goes fine but when i go to markers the thing is when i clic the green marker of "player start" to put it inside the game, it freezes and gives an "error extra debug info: 0 0 , the application encounters an error and nedds to close".

can be the model packs installed before? i installed 30 model packs and for example i had to put out of the FILES folder, COMMONS, the "ground.fps" file because before that if i leave the .fps file inside the folder, then the editor wouldnt open only freezes and closes.

the solution for that was cut the "ground.fps" file out of his folder and then the editor opens normal but now ivgot this problem of the player start marker error

can anyone help me? i wanna start creating games with this because cost too much work and energy to download and unzip all
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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
Location: Hendersonville,NC
Posted: 2nd Nov 2021 09:02
punisher09 Couple question first, when you installed did you "start" with V1.0 then V1.20?
It's important that it's done in order. Is it installed to the "C" drive, or somewhere else?
What's your OS
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Posted: 6th Nov 2021 12:08
I'm pretty sure the error extra debug info: 0 0 only appeared in early versions of FPSC. Are you sure you have v1.20 installed?

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