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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Atmospheric Scattering Shader?

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Posted: 13th Nov 2021 22:57
As with most complicated things I attempt I always check with you lot first so I don't spend 2 days reinventing the wheel when there is already a solution out there but this search revealed nothing of any direct use, so ..

Has anyone coded, got or can link to a 3D atmosphere shader that's compatible with AppGameKit?

I know I can use the outline shader in the pack, make it wide and blue but its not quite the same effect, combined with the shield shader it gives some interesting results but there is no "scattering" so it just kills the overall effect.

I will attempt to code a shader tomorrow, so Sunday, really be a Sunday!!
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Posted: 1st Dec 2021 17:30

I've found from BGE.
You need to convert shaders to AGK

Open blend file in UPBGE 2.79

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