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Joined: 9th Apr 2013
Location: Russia
Posted: 28th Nov 2021 12:00 Edited at: 3rd Aug 2022 20:27
I'm not good at asking questions.
If there is anyone who can help, I will be very grateful.
I want to use some stormtrooper models in my project. The project is being written in the App Game Kit.
Here's a list of animations. But there is not written info about what the character does. The forum has 300 pages. You understand it is very difficult to flip through everything. Can anyone have a link to a similar question?

programming is a hobby, not a job.
P.S. in google and youtube - nikename pavelman- it is not me!
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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
Location: Hendersonville,NC
Posted: 5th Dec 2021 17:43
Pavelman HenryHam's website still has some "Storm Troopers" in the free stuff section
As for your list of animations, that could be anything really. Looks like the stock anim list?
best luck
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