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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / [SOLVED] join two objects. One of which has to rotate!

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Posted: 17th Dec 2021 16:55 Edited at: 17th Dec 2021 21:40
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Hi guys I need to join two .X objects. And when they are joined I need that ONLY one of these 2 object may rotate in his central pivot.
I had

In my game :
I had a model helicopter. the main rotor is static like the whole object. But my goal is that the main rotor can rotate (always united with the helicopter body). So I used the wings3D program to split the main rotor from the helicopter body and finally I saved both the main rotor and the helicopter body as two distinct objects.

object 1 : helicopter body
object 2 : main rotor

My final objective:
join these 2 objects and make the main rotor may rotate.

I read a lot of join objects thread but I have a lot of doubts.
Could you put a list of thing I need to do?
Or a simple example code?
I read different ways to join 2 objects (limbs or PERFORM CSG UNION) but neither of these two ways is easy for me.

Please help!


Solved using this code!

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