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Code Snippets / [AGK] Heightmap + GetObjectRayCast with WASD + Mouselook

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Posted: 18th Dec 2021 04:59 Edited at: 19th Dec 2021 01:54
Requires attached Heightmap (or any heightmap):

for a nice terrain example with vehicle physics, see ando's offering HERE


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Posted: 7th Nov 2022 05:34 Edited at: 7th Nov 2022 05:35
This uses two objects. A box (camera) and a sphere (lookat). It attaches the sphere to the box and the moves the sphere along the z axis -5 units.
Think of the box as the car cabin and the sphere as the bonnet.

Then it positions the box at the starting point.

In the loop;
1. Depending on the x position of the mouse it will rotate the camera object left or right (Around the Y axis)
2. Depending on the y position of the mouse it will rotate the camera object up or down (Around the X axis)

3. Depending on the state of the UP/DOWN/RIGHT/LEFT keys it will move the camera object
4. It gets the height at cameraX and cameraZ from the heightmap
5. it sets the camera to that position and makes the camera "look at" the lookat object

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