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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Can one object see another object?

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Posted: 31st Dec 2021 20:25 Edited at: 1st Jan 2022 06:31
EDIT: please ignore this one, I had a brain fade moment.

A couple of months ago I started work (or play) on an AI system.

Is there a command to tell if an object is in view of another object?

If not, I had an idea.
Firing a bunch of rays in front of the looking object might be a bit hit and miss.
So I was thinking I could transfer the camera to the object and match it's rotation. Then use GetObjectInScreen( objID ) and if the second object is in view then fire a ray at it to see if it's hidden behind something.

I can then transfer the cam back to the player so it would look like it never happened.

EDIT: I guess the normal way (which I only just thought of) is to fire a ray from an object to every other object then calculate some angles to work out if something is in view and in front of the first object.
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