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AppGameKit Studio Chat / LoadObject for each instance or LoadObject then clone?

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Joined: 30th May 2014
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Posted: 3rd Jan 2022 08:24
Is it fast to use loadobject for each instance of my cubes or should I set it up to load one object as a temp then clone it for each instance? If I load an object as a temp though won't each clone be deleted when I delete the main one?
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Posted: 3rd Jan 2022 09:01
When using CloneObject(), each clone is an entirely new object. Deleting the origional will have no effect on the clone.
InstanceObject() will create an "instance" of the primary object and deleting the primary object will cause a crash
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Posted: 4th Jan 2022 08:56
I personally go with instancing because it renders faster, I use template objects when doing this

Create a box, call it a template then instance from that, the template is never used in-game so avoiding accidentally deleting and crashing, simply place the template at the required location/rotation instance and hide the template
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Posted: 4th Jan 2022 09:43
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