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AppGameKit Studio Chat / SetVirtualButtonTextSize и SetVirtualButtonTextColor

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Joined: 29th Oct 2019
Posted: 14th Jan 2022 11:27
Missing command to set button text size
Something like. SetVirtualButtonTextSize и SetVirtualButtonTextColor
How can I change the text size and text color on a button?
AGK Tool Maker
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Joined: 9th Mar 2015
Location: London UK
Posted: 14th Jan 2022 12:04
In short, you cant!

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Steve Ancell
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Joined: 16th Feb 2006
Location: Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Posted: 14th Jan 2022 15:48
Buttons can be a pain in the chad so I just use images and define a clickable area instead.
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Joined: 8th Aug 2014
Posted: 15th Jan 2022 10:58
it's rarely practical to use the default buttons, as Steve Ancell says, it's better to create your own.
Wizard Ranch
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Joined: 24th Dec 2021
Posted: 6th Feb 2022 19:04 Edited at: 7th Feb 2022 18:13

I have tinkered with a similar problem not long ago. If you want to use the Studio inbuilt buttons I would recomment that you create a virtual button, and then add a text objects on top of it in the scene editor.
You can change the size and font of the text object however you want, and you have basically exactly what you want, and this workaround might be much faster than in-script buttons.

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