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AppGameKit Studio Chat / SetVirtualButtonTextSize и SetVirtualButtonTextColor

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Joined: 29th Oct 2019
Posted: 14th Jan 2022 11:27
Missing command to set button text size
Something like. SetVirtualButtonTextSize и SetVirtualButtonTextColor
How can I change the text size and text color on a button?
AGK Tool Maker
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Joined: 9th Mar 2015
Location: London UK
Posted: 14th Jan 2022 12:04
In short, you cant!

Open Source plugins
Cl - DnD Plugin
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Steve Ancell
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Joined: 16th Feb 2006
Location: Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Posted: 14th Jan 2022 15:48
Buttons can be a pain in the chad so I just use images and define a clickable area instead.
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Joined: 8th Aug 2014
Posted: 15th Jan 2022 10:58
it's rarely practical to use the default buttons, as Steve Ancell says, it's better to create your own.

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