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AppGameKit Classic Chat / I made a template for using CMake/CLion instead of Visual Studio

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Joined: 15th Jan 2022
Posted: 15th Jan 2022 04:44
Hello, I'm new here and recently starting learning AppGameKit and I absolutely love the Tier 2 experience. The API is the most straightforward and on-point I've seen in a while, and I really like how lightweight everything is.

My only real problem was that I'm really used to both Vim and CLion and don't like the Visual Studio UX at all (Geany is OK but I prefer the ones I mentioned). So I took the Windows VS2017 template and adapted it to a CMake based project, usable with basically any IDE or even the terminal. The template is currently Windows-only but I plan to make it multiplatform at some time in the future when I get a bit more of experience with AppGameKit on Linux.

If anyone wants to try it or contribute to it, I uploaded it to a repository:

If the template contains any code or content that I was not supposed to share, please let me know and I'll get rid of it ASAP.

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