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AppGameKit Studio Chat / LzmaPlugin doesn't run in my version of studio

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Joined: 27th Mar 2021
Posted: 22nd Jan 2022 08:56 Edited at: 22nd Jan 2022 08:57
Have tried to install the LzmaPlugin for my game. I get this error. All the files are in the right place including the 7za.dll file in the project folder. I reinstalled AppGameKit studio and still get this error. Anyone got any ideas?


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Posted: 22nd Jan 2022 12:58
i thought some of the plugins wouldn't work with studio? i could be wrong.

also, i THINK some of them are 32 bit only? try going to edit/preferences/build options in studio and untick 64 bit if it is.

meanwhile, i've DM'd adam on discord. i see he's been logging into the forum so hopefully he can advise.
AGK Developer
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Posted: 23rd Jan 2022 06:37 Edited at: 23rd Jan 2022 06:38
I just tried the ArchiveTest project and it works in Studio. The plugin is 32-bit only though.
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Posted: 23rd Jan 2022 19:15
I tried the sample project as well and it worked for me as well.
I think there might be something in DewarInversion's project that is conflicting
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Posted: 23rd Jan 2022 21:31
The lack of a 'Windows64.dll' file in that plugin folder indicates they are simply lacking a 64-bit version of it and are likely compiling and running in 64-bit (as others have suggested). That error will be displayed whenever a plugin lacks the required file for a needed format or platform.

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