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Android / [SOLVED] Android Apps won't close properly preventing running a second time

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Posted: 2nd Feb 2022 10:02 Edited at: 2nd Feb 2022 18:53
I have noticed that there is a problem with seemingly all apps that I export to Android APKs (also seems to apply to AABs). On exiting, there is a dialog box that pops up momentarily that closes on its own. Using a screen record utility, I can see the message is this:
"Message Unrecognised instruction: 0 in at line 0"

Upon re-opening the app, I get a black screen with "Tap/click the screen to exit". Tapping exits, but subsequent runs still give the same result. The only way to fully close the app is to go to the home screen overview, and swipe the app away.

To be sure that it wasn't something that I was doing, I took one of the Tier 1 demo programs, Sprites - Fire, removed the do loop so it would exit immediately, created an APK and installed that. I can't see the message box I mentioned, but other than that, I get the same result - unable to open a second time.

This is occurring on Studio and Classic V2021.12.06.

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Posted: 4th Feb 2022 00:54
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AGK APK exports must be closed via the OS .ie, you cannot use End , Exit, etc, to close it
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Posted: 10th Feb 2022 09:47 Edited at: 27th Feb 2022 18:19
Ok, where do I remember Idk but, included files must have a few blank lines (from old good darkbasic days??)
So, I tried to add extra blank lines at the top of my included files and when I use end command "Message Unrecognised instruction: 0 in at line 0" is gone.
my first filled line starts at #4th line. before that, all are empty.

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