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Geek Culture / should we put NFTs into Dark Basic?

flashing snall
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Joined: 8th Oct 2005
Location: Boston
Posted: 3rd Feb 2022 23:26
long time no see-
I'm very curious what opinions the fine people of this forum have on NFTs. Those Non Fungible Tokens are seeping into video games. Good thing, bad thing?
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Joined: 2nd Aug 2013
Location: France
Posted: 4th Feb 2022 00:11
Bad, NFTs are a scam, even worse than crypto.
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flashing snall
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Joined: 8th Oct 2005
Location: Boston
Posted: 4th Feb 2022 00:25
I've been searching for a sane argument why NFTs aren't a dumpster fire. I haven't found one yet.
I don't understand what makes NFT's _unique_ in their ability to give players "stuff". It just seems like a way to interfere with people.
DBPro Master
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Joined: 16th Apr 2003
Location: Metropia
Posted: 1st Mar 2022 01:46
NFTs are dumb. Dumber that crypto. And I laugh at anyone who loses money on it.
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Steve Ancell
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Joined: 16th Feb 2006
Location: Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Posted: 1st Mar 2022 12:44
NFTs should be shoved right up the stinky dark place of whoever invented them.
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Joined: 23rd Mar 2005
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Posted: 2nd Mar 2022 00:41
Non-Fungible Transactions are a fundamental element that makes Cryptographic Currency possible., as it is used by Blockchains to provide a legitimate chain of ownership (receipts) for said Transactions.

As a result maintains that what are essentially infinitely copy-able digital objects are forged with a unique element that allows them (a) to be distinguishable and (b) due to limitations on data processing become a finite resource.

These things aren't inherently good or bad... and there is certainly potential for said Technology to be quite useful.
Where the issue comes into play is that., these are not being adopted by Industries where it would make sense to integrate them; rather they're being adopted primarily by those simply seeing a way to turn themselves into Credit Exchanges; utilising the Novelty, Promise and Consumer Ignorance to essentially get them to buy in.

It is no different to the 19th Century Stock Options Craze; that led to Business' such-as the South Seas Trading Company., quite the infamous business in British History. It's a fascinating, albeit perhaps uncomfortably tale... and it's one that the effects of are still felt to this day.
Yet I'd also say that it's a cautionary tale as to why it's important that certain Economic aspects (such-as NFT and CC) should have regulatory oversight.

In blunt terms, Individuals and Business' cannot be trusted on their own "Good Nature" to responsibly manage such things.
And as we're seeing from NFTs at present... where they're little more than Confident Scams that are outside of usual legal regulation and consumer protections.

Should we see it added to AppGameKit? Eh., no.
I'd suggest using GUUID instead., as they're much more lightweight and can achieve a similar goal in a closed-system.

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