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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Using a Steam Version outside of Steam

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Joined: 14th Mar 2011
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Posted: 6th Feb 2022 12:26 Edited at: 6th Feb 2022 14:58
Hi Guys,
I have a strange thing going on with my Steam version of Studio. I was logging up thousands of hours on Steam using Studio, so last year decided to stop Steam running in the background. I did this by just creating a short cut to "ide.exe". This has worked fine up until last Friday night. I was having a few Beers, and did my usual check in on Steam to see if there was any updates for Studio yet. There was one update showing, so I clicked it without really reading what it was. It was a very small update at around 3mb, so was done in a second. I then noticed that Steam was still reporting the latest update as 2021-12-06, so it was not a proper update! Since then, when ever I start my Studio, it automatically starts Steam. If I then close Steam, it will shut down Studio. I have tried remaking the short cut, but that never worked. I have then copied the entire Studio directory to the Root "C" directory, but it still starts Steam first. I have even got Steam to Uninstall Studio and then just run the copied version, but then Steam asked me to install Studio again. Really scratching my head on this one. It seems that Steam has stopped us bypassing their Engine lol. Any one have any idea's?

Edit - It also means that Steam owners can no longer run Studio off-line...

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Joined: 24th Dec 2021
Posted: 6th Feb 2022 18:51 Edited at: 6th Feb 2022 19:07
Hi Choper,
can you give us more information to be able to help you better: how many beers exactly did you have that day? (joking)

On a more serious note, I got AppGameKit Studio via Steam as well not long ago. I think there were some updates for how the program launches, and now it always connects to steam first. For all steam apps, not just AppGameKit.
I don't believe there is much you can do about it, and it's probably not a big deal since steam only runs in the background anyways.
But so you know, you can use it offline. When Steam starts you can simply connect in offline mode:

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Joined: 7th Jan 2018
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Posted: 9th Feb 2022 15:36
Same here I guess the offline mode will do.
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Joined: 2nd Jun 2020
Posted: 9th Feb 2022 19:21
Sounds like your old desktop short cut is still linked to the steam version.

Delete this and go to the directory of appgamekit and try this, make a new shortcut with the folder version.

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