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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Did Persistent Data Saving in HTML ever arrive?

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Joined: 11th Jul 2016
Posted: 15th Feb 2022 15:34
I read in the forum this was talked about as a new feature back in 2019, It was said to be coming soon.
Has it it arrived on either classic or studio yet and where can I find guidance to implement it on my web based games?

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Posted: 15th Feb 2022 15:58 Edited at: 15th Feb 2022 16:24
it was implemented as SharedVariables which uses cookies in HTML; i posted a working example on the help page, there.

something that became an issue after implementation was cross-site cookies which AGKPlayer.js doesn't provide for while sites like run the games in an iframe (and the game itself is hosted on another site) but thanks to tboy, the fix was easy for my 2020 lowrez jam game and continues to work without issue.

if you're self-hosting, you shouldn't have to make the change.

worth noting, as hosch mentioned in an earlier post today, "general cookie size" is limited to 4096 bytes so, depending on what you're trying to do, this may present an issue.

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