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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Messages between my Users and Admin

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Posted: 5th Mar 2022 14:56
I am writing an App for my disco. So, much like the webpage I have, Users can get info about my services, contact info and so on. So far just some information pages. But I'd like some extra functionality in the app.
1. I'd like a searchable database, so Users can see my list of karaoke tunes and Find.. within it. (This I can do I reckon)
2. Is it possible for Users to choose the tune they want to sing, and Send It to me? I think I'd need to be running the [same] App as well, and logged in as Admin, so I can see the Firebase DB too. I've looked at Firebase as a common area for my app to store and show information, I think it is the way to go. Other than Firebase, I do have some webspace of my own I could use, would PHP be the way to go here?
3. I'd need these messages to be fairly short-lived. Either self deleting at the end of the session (gig) or able to be deleted by Admin User.

I'd like the info generated by a search to appear as Rounded Box entities. I remember a contributor from Blitz Basic days who wrote a suite of Functions to do this, they should quite easily work in AppGameKit, but BB site no longer exists. Anyone done something like this and would like to share?
Thanks for any help here.
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Posted: 6th Mar 2022 15:31
Personally not a fan of firebase, I find its api overly complicated for what it is. If you already have a server set up with php, just setup a mysql database. Then a simple php script to act as your REST service for your app. Your "admin" app could query the server for new user requests. A cron job could run a nightly script to delete the messages.
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