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iOS and MacOS / Signing with Dev Certificate & regular iTunes Account

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Joined: 5th Mar 2022
Posted: 23rd Mar 2022 20:49
Hey everybody,

currently, I'm tinkering with iOS. I do know, that I can use the AppGameKit Player on iPhone & iPad for easy and quick testing. It's great during development process. But for further testing on different devices, I'd like to permanently install an app for a few hours/days without the need of my MacOS computer nearby to do the broadcasting.

As Apple allows normal Users to use dev-certificates and provisioning profiles without the need to enroll (= pay) a full account, I was wondering if this would work with AppGameKit Studio.

So I tried the following (without success ) :

Opened XCode / preferencens and added my regular iTunes Account credentials. XCode then fetches necessary stuff (= Team ID).
Created an empty iOS project in XCode
Opened project preferences and checked for automatic signing to be enabled. This seems to download the provision profile and the cert. Provision profile is found in "/Users/<username>/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles".
Go to AppGameKit Studio (form fields are the same in Classic)
Fill in the information
IPA is generated (Is there a log or something? I'm curious!)
Drop the file over in Finder to the phone and let it sync
Check Phone: a generic Icon appears with the "cloud" symbol next to it (like Apps you own but have to download first). Not the App-icon that I've set.
Start App says: "XYZ could not be installed - This app could not be installed as the integrity could not be determined"

Conclusions so far
The certificate and provision profile seem work, as I've successfully tested with another programming language outside of XCode (Cert + App valid for 1 Week)
I know, that the official AppGameKit documents state that you need a fully enrolled dev account (which is necessary if you want to download your profile + cert from as I don't have this menu with a normal account though I can login to above url). However, I was curios and thought that maybe the documentation is a bit outdated and it could work.

Any hint would be highly appreciated (though I guess in the very end I'll have to enroll the account, but I wanted to have the app almost finished and tested before paying the fee).

have nice evening & stay safe!

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