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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Logging / Debugging > Output of Types & Arrays

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Joined: 5th Mar 2022
Posted: 7th Apr 2022 13:58 Edited at: 7th Apr 2022 16:51
Hi all,

currently I'm struggling with debugging. I do have a 2-dimensional array (4 by 4 grid). Each point (X|Y) in that array is user-defined type.
If find it quite hard to debug.

Just printing the array is not possible. To have a proper visual representation, I'd have to implement my own function (which leads to knowing the number of dimensions of the array and deal with screen size at the same time). I also tried to use the breakpoints and the debugger. But to be honest, I couldn't get it to work. When using debugging, the IDEs want me to broadcast/connect to a device.

Are there any hints or docs for this?

Thank you!

Edit: Found out about - but that is not exactly what I have in mind.

Keywords: Arrays, Debugging, Logging, Types.

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Posted: 11th Apr 2022 01:48
Not sure if you got this yet already, but yeah I have had to use log to catch things like that before. Visualizing the patterns in Excel can be the game changer.

I did find gaps in the data, possible that slowing down the FPS when running Log & Debug might help.
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