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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / [SOLVED] Drawsprite and Background?

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Joined: 23rd Apr 2022
Posted: 25th Apr 2022 06:01
Currently, I'm creating a game that utilizes a life system.
To display these lives, I'm creating a sprite, moving it to the next position, and then drawing that sprite at that location.
This works fine without a background, but once I load a background in using a sprite, the drawn lives not show.
How would I fix this?

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Virtual Nomad
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Posted: 25th Apr 2022 10:05 Edited at: 25th Apr 2022 10:06
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without a basic code example from you, i imagine you're using DrawSprite() so, whichever you draw first will be behind subsequently drawn sprites.

if you used CreateSprite(), then SetSpriteDepth() to ensure the order you want.

hope that helps.
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Posted: 6th Jun 2022 07:00
Maybe ur sprites are being drawn behind your back ground you can fix this with setspritedepth. Alternatively make sure ur sprites and or images are not using the same number, and if u are manually drawing with drawsprite(). The oder in witch u draw matters background back to front.

Steve Ancell
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Posted: 6th Jun 2022 18:29 Edited at: 6th Jun 2022 18:30
Use SetSpriteDepth send the background to the back where it belongs, give it the highest number of all of your sprites. Anything you draw for score and life data I would set the depth as 1 and any borders or peep holes as zero.

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