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AppGameKit Classic Chat / google maps

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Joined: 24th May 2020
Posted: 27th Apr 2022 19:22
Hi...I'm really out of my depth here!
I'm ok whizzing sprites around, even got to grips with physics...but now I'm branching out into the world of calling up http files (gulp)
Basically I'm trying to call up a google map (or any usable online map for that matter) . I've got an API key, I've looked at the code snippets on the forum (lost on me) and every time I run one I just get the checkerboard and big red X.
could someone please just do a simple google map download via agk and show me the code?
Even the demo one on help is confusing the heck out of me!

Thanks in advance...
Virtual Nomad
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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 27th Apr 2022 20:36
Hi, futsio1.

Before google required the key, gmaps was simple in agk. Since i dont have a key, i haven't tried it since.

Meanwhile, please don't copy/paste the same inquiry in multiple boards/threads. It's spammy. I've locked the previous thread in Newcomers.

Otherwise, good luck
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Joined: 16th Apr 2003
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Posted: 29th Apr 2022 03:33
Did you try the forum search?
Tiled TMX Importer V.2
XML Parser V.2
Base64 Encoder/Decoder
Purple Token - Free online hi-score database
Legend of Zelda

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