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Geek Culture / Micro$oft is killing the geeks.

Steve Ancell
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Joined: 16th Feb 2006
Location: Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Posted: 2nd May 2022 03:09 Edited at: 2nd May 2022 03:10
MicroBilly needs to reminisce on his life and remember what it means to be a geek, taking away our geek rights is like cutting out arms off and digging our eyeballs out.

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Joined: 2nd Aug 2013
Location: France
Posted: 2nd May 2022 14:30
I don't know of a company called Micro$oft.
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Steve Ancell
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Joined: 16th Feb 2006
Location: Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Posted: 3rd May 2022 10:29
The name MicroBilly should give you a clue.
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Joined: 23rd Mar 2005
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Posted: 3rd May 2022 22:23
Microsoft isn't a Monolithic Corporation and Bill Gates hasn't had anything to do with it since 2009 when he was complete forced out.
Windows 11 is *entirely* a produce of Redmond., and the state of said OS is frankly indicative of the state of said Faction within Microsoft...

At this point I'm hoping that the Reading Faction seizes the massive failure that Windows 11 already is to gain a dominance foothold.
I mean the sad thing is... the "Micro$oft" stems from when Microsoft actually _was_ monolithic and absolutely dominated by little more then profitability.
All those who were responsible for that Corporate behaviour of the Business moved on to form their own Company., you might've heard of it... Alphabet (Google).
What remained at Microsoft., well it's very difficult to say they're dominated by the pursuit of capital like a corporation typically is.

This has been both a good and a bad thing.
Good as it allows highly unprofitable divisions, such-as the Research & Development Division that creates some insanely cool ideas to exist.
But bad., as it also means the Life and Death of various endeavours is rarely rooted in the Profitability of them....
Microsoft Mobile, Zune, XNA, Windows Mixed Reality, Kinect, etc. these things didn't disappear because they were unprofitable; they disappeared because of internal politics.

Microsoft also has been many things over the years... but a Company that caters to "Geeks" is not one of them.
They dominant because they produce the most User Friendly Experiences., and always have.

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