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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Which is the correct upload key?

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Joined: 9th Nov 2019
Posted: 6th May 2022 16:17 Edited at: 6th May 2022 21:01
I want to submit a game to googleplay but there is a change where googleplay tells you that you will use their upload key and there is an upload key area that i can download am i supposed to download it and put it where keystore used to be during exporting or do i upload with keystore file. Its very important as this might prevent me from making an update
On developpers console i have some certificates with these explanations:

App signing key certificate
This is the public certificate for the app signing key that Google uses to sign each of your releases. Use it to register your key with API providers. The app signing key itself is not accessible, and is kept on a secure Google server.

Upload key certificate
This is the public certificate for your private upload key. Use your upload key to sign each release so that Google knows updates are from you. Use the certificate below to register your upload key with API providers.

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