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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Squeeze Windowed Full-Screen Mode for Aspect Ratio

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Posted: 3rd Jun 2022 02:23 Edited at: 3rd Jun 2022 16:32
Hello, I'm getting a lot of requests on Steam to find a way to squeeze the windowed mode with two bars so the camera isn't stretched out. I seem to remember a simple command for doing this, but I can't find it now.

People just want multiple aspect ratios, like 21:9, etc. They don't care about the actual resolution. I removed the Exclusive mode option because you couldn't minimize and the new DLL I'm using makes it not run.


EDIT: As in having a black bar on either side of fullscreen windowed mode, like having the camera display squeezed in to fix the aspect ratio on widescreen. Wasn't there a command that puts the camera display at a certain portion of the window?

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