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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / I accidentally got DBP to work correctly?

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Joined: 29th Sep 2007
Posted: 5th Jun 2022 07:48 Edited at: 5th Jun 2022 14:16
So I used to have this cycle of play with old copy of DBP on old computer, remember I never learned to code, get nostalgic at examples, then go live life until I remember DBP again. Lately I hit a life crisis and decided I was going to try and get SOMETHING done in DBP if its the last thing I do. First though, I needed the perfect installation on my freshly installed win11 laptop so I don't have to go through much trouble. I worked hard by my standards to try and get a good install going for it and was fully expecting to end up with something detached enough for me to shake my fist at and forget for a while. .. But I eventually got it to work SO well that I seriously think it's worth sharing.

Known Issues:

- sometimes it'll crash to desktop and close when encountering a syntax error. Just make sure you save often.
- cant fold loops or functions, but I don't recall ever being able to do that so it's whatever.

Things I got used to being broken that are fixed now??

- Old depreciated shaders that shouldn't exist anymore actually function and work fine? Legacy bump maps and etc all work as expected
- You can ACTUALLY run example code from the help screen and it just works
- Certain included source programs that just crashed without explanation ACTUALLY are able to compile and run now!
- Idk, it LITERALLY feels like when I very first installed DBP as a kid and the world was shiny, the birds were chirping, and the most depressing thing I had to worry about was my emo phase.

Why I'm posting this:

So I'm not 100% sure what is or isn't freely distributable in regards to DBP these days - but if there's enough in what I did to help make the software more accessible, then it sounds like a good thing overall. Given that it does require an old copy of Dark Game Studio on physical CD, I feel like it probably won't be a matter of just download and follow instruction. But who knows, if that becomes sharable or if you can get your hands on a copy, HERES WHAT I DID:

Step 1) Installed DBP from the Dark Game Studio CD

Step 2) Copied the "Compiler", "Editor", "Media", and "Projects" folders from my last properly activated DBP install on an old tower I had (might work just as well with GitHub version?)

Step 3) Copied the build of DBP9Ex2017 into the DBP directory and merged/replaced all the contents

Step 4) Copied the downloaded "Synergy Editor.exe" into DBP's editor folder and deleted "Editor.exe"

Step 5) Renamed "Synergy Editor.exe" to "Editor.exe"

Step 6) Reinserted the Dark Game Studio CD and hit "Repair" on the DBP install screen (not sure if that actually undid most of steps 2-5 but whatever survived seems to have done so in the right proportion)

Step 7) Repeat steps 4 and 5 and then install DirectX 9.0c or greater (obv greater but y'know)

And then as far as I can tell, it literally WORKS. Fabulously. So I have no idea if this is actually going to be super useful or not to everyone, but it works too well not to share. I personally have everything mentioned on a little flash drive next to the disc with those instructions in a readme (just so I feel like I have an actually functioning installer xD). Thought about asking if it's a good idea to make an iso and everything but I think the answer is a resounding "no" since that was a paid product at one time. Still, it really does feel like a very promising Frankenstein's build if you will, and I hope this guide thing helps .. someone
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Joined: 5th Mar 2007
Posted: 10th Jun 2022 04:31
Wow ! I wonder if anyone else ever got it to work properly??? WTG
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Joined: 29th Sep 2007
Posted: 10th Jun 2022 18:26
Thank you much! Definitely helps me sleep better at night

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