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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Converting GameGuru characters into FPS Creator

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Joined: 29th Jun 2022
Posted: 29th Jun 2022 17:51
Hello everybody,

I've gone back to FPS Creator Classic and trying to get some of the Classic characters from the GameGuru Classic Pack working in FPS Creator. Getting the character in with all the right files was easy but getting them to move is another thing. The static movement of the face is there (looking left/right) but to truely make them walk etc. isn't working for me. Tried some other FPE files from FPS Creator characters but still no luck. What am I doing wrong? Any advice tips to get them to work?

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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
Location: Hendersonville,NC
Posted: 30th Jun 2022 00:12
Mr FPS Hi and welcome I recall Game Guru had changed the animation list for the fpsc classic characters. Every things there, just the order of anims has changed.
The original classic fpsc characters are still available at Github....
Also, a lot of the Game Guru characters had some of their bones moved/changed to reflect changes made in GG engine. You "Can" make them work, but a lot of extra work is needed.
For more info, come join us at Fpsc-Discord where most of the original Fpsc members have moved on to. Many can help you with these GG issues
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Joined: 29th Jun 2022
Posted: 30th Jun 2022 08:28
Thanks ncmako. I already tot the original characters from github. Only trying some GameGuru Classics like the Freaks. Tried some things with the animations but doesn't work unfortanatly.

Thanks for youre advice to move onto Discord and ask for help there. I will do that.
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Joined: 26th Nov 2021
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Posted: 19th Jul 2022 08:05
Hallo Mr. FPS I can tell you that Errant AI made a good model pack with characters TF341the best I have ever seen...

Here is the Link you can still buy it's not expensive

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