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AppGameKit Classic Chat / [Bullet3D] Rope Joint equivalent?

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Posted: 3rd Jul 2022 20:29 Edited at: 3rd Jul 2022 20:32
I want to ensure that a dynamic body stays within a certain distance from a given point (static object) akin to Box2D's Rope Joint but in 3D space. ie, full freedom on all axis while maintaining a max distance apart

i've reviewed the few joints we have available and the (fewer) joint limiters and don't see the functionality that i'm looking for out of the box.

any guidance appreciated.
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Posted: 4th Jul 2022 00:08 Edited at: 4th Jul 2022 00:09
Create an invisible object, attach your object to one end and then and use a Create3DPhysics6DOFJoint()
See the 3DPhysics demo code (Joints)

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