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AppGameKit Classic Chat / AR and geolocation?

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Posted: 2nd Aug 2022 13:19
With AR, I'd like to anchor a 3D object in physiscal space at geo coordinates. Is this possible in AppGameKit?
(I searched for both words but found nothing.)
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Posted: 6th Sep 2022 06:00
There is a VR plugin which differs from AR, which im still waiting to purchase compatible VR goggles to do my own tests, but anchoring a 3d object there is several methods
of doing this but for this you would have to have the fixed locations of a static location ie a wall and possible add it to your AR software. There is methods of doing this and to
fix an object to object may work in this scenario.

Getting geolocation data there are ways of doing this via online methods for example google geolocation data can be achieved through
interfacing with their API. You may need to make purchases to be able to do what you wish to achieve but both AR and geo data as far as I understand needs further interfacing
with other software out there, that does not mean it can't be done. A database of geolocation data from google similar to the way the GPS etc work would be efficiently to do most AR
and geolocations for your needs ide image.

Im sorry if that wasn't the answer you wanted but this thread has had many views and I was hoping this post may help inspire someone more knowledgeable and with both ability
and desire to do further research.

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