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Android / How does one access a directory on an external SD card from within the app?

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Joined: 21st May 2022
Posted: 9th Aug 2022 03:33
Let's say I want my Android app to reach into a directory that is on the external SD card to load images or songs that will be displayed in the app. And let's say that I just directly tell the app what directory it is rather than browsing for it. Is there a way to do that? (I've been experimenting with it, but it's incredibly time consuming since every attempt has to be exported/sideloaded/installed just to see if it made a difference.) This wouldn't be a problem if it were a Windows system (my experiments seem to work just fine on Windows), but Android seems to be more secretive about their directory structures. (Modern Androids don't even list the /mnt /data /boot etc directories anymore.) I don't know if I'm accidentally using commands that only work on Windows or if I'm just not familiar enough with the Android file system. My research seems to imply that different versions of Android will structure their directories slightly different, but I've found no reliable way to test this without just shooting in the dark. I don't know, have any of you built Android apps that skipped around the file system before? For the record, I've tried different combinations of commands in the "file" part of the command library. Mostly the "raw" commands. Again, they seem to work fine when running them on my Windows computer. Really I'm just asking how to even access SD card directories. Like if I could just get the app to verify that a directory on the SD card even exists it would be an improvement.

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