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Geek Culture / What NAS do you have?

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Posted: 18th Sep 2022 14:18
Just curious what NAS other folks use for those that have them and what your opinions are.
I've used two different Buffalo models, both were 2-drive systems I used a mirror. Relatively simple, but their interface wasn't the best and felt slow. Then I went to a 4-drive Qnap. Offered a lot more options but suffered from poor security in the firmware which has lead qnap to be highly targeted by ransomware (as I unfortunately became a victim). Synology I've heard is also targeted frequently. To get away from those systems, I'm in the processing of building a new NAS using TrueNAS. I have most of my parts for the system, just awaiting the ECC ram in the mail. I'm taking a bit of a gamble with this build because there's a lot of unknowns, uncertainty, and unofficial support regarding AMD and ECC ram. Most would consider my build extreme overkill for a NAS, but I have a Ryzen 5600 with 32GB ram. Dedicated GPU has yet to be determined (for transcoding). I'll be running containers on the system, one of which for the media server.
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