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AppGameKit Classic Chat / HTML 5 remove keyboard capture

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Joined: 9th May 2016
Location: Queensland, Australia.
Posted: 21st Sep 2022 05:08
Hi all,

Sorry, looks like I killed the original post...

Is there a way to prevent the HTML5 output from gobbling up the keyboard events easily ?

I am building a proof of concept for a client using a web form that has an embedded AppGameKit HTML5 viewer, the ideas is that whenever something is changed on the web form, it updates cookies that the 3d viewer listens for, however, without serious manual modification to the AGKPlayer.js file at each release, it gobbles up any keyboard input to the forms fields <input type="text"/> etc.. which makes it somewhat useless.

Here is a link to it in its current state - this may crash or behave odd over the next few weeks while I'm messing with it, but feel free to have a look, should respond to swipe left and right albeit dodgily.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Posted: 21st Sep 2022 05:37
Hey, otherguy. U didnt "kill the other post". Ur still on post moderation/it was pending review as u've made very few posts overall is all. Just FYI. U did nothing wrong.

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