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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Final help request to contine to use DBPro!

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Posted: 7th Oct 2022 21:14 Edited at: 7th Oct 2022 21:17
Hi guys.
by now we know that the most performing version of the dark basic pro is this:
DBPro 9Ex

Reading in the instructions I find the following:
"Simply unpack the archive to your DarkBASIC Professional installation directory, overwriting any conflicting files."
I followed the instructions using various versions before overwriting the files of the 9EX version on the files of my installation but I have always obtained that the compiler, at the end of the compilation, does not start anything.

So, at this point, after hundreds of attempts and experiments:
Which version of DarkBasic should I install before it is overwritten by the 9EX update?

I would really like to continue using Dark Basic Pro, also because my game is practically finished .. but I need to get a STABLE development platform and not something chaotic that sometimes goes and sometimes doesn't go.

Therefore :
to use the 9EX version which version should I have already installed?

Thanks in advance to everyone!
Derek Darkly
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Posted: 11th Nov 2022 23:34 Edited at: 11th Nov 2022 23:37
Did you try Synergy?
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Posted: 13th Nov 2022 17:51
I use 7.62 version. It is last official release which works well with all plugins.
Also you have to set compiler folder in the settings of your editor.

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