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Geek Culture / Who's worked a help desk before?

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Posted: 27th Nov 2022 08:04
For any of you who've worked in an IT help desk before, would you mind sharing some of your hilarious stories? (or stories that just made you bash your head against the wall)
It's been more than a decade since I've done helpdesk myself, but I'm developing a new ticket system and it's brought up some funny and yet not so fond memories.

Doing helpdesk for a highschool back in the 90s, a teacher said one of the floppy drives wasn't work. This was common, as the metal slide would come of disks sometimes and get stuck inside the drive. When I went to fix it, I pulled out 3, yes 3 whole floppy disks!

Support at a bank, teller complained (on a friday at 3pm) his computer hasn't worked all week and now 5 days later suddenly needs an immediate priority 1 ticket. Skipping my questions as to what this guy had done for the past week without a working computer, I drill through questions trying to determine what "doesn't work" actually means. Turns out over the weekend we pushed out updates and sometimes workstations didn't always reboot on their own. Yes, his computer was turned off when he went into work monday morning and he had no clue what to do..... for a week!

Worst job I had was the one and only time I did support for general public and not internal employees, DSL internet. Customer accused the ISP of sending porn to her computer. Another customer couldn't figure out how to click on "start". Funniest one, which angered the quality control nerds, was a dude cussing and yelling at me cause he waited over an hour to get through to the help desk. He wanted my supervisor. I then informed him I don't have one, which angered him more and said you expect me to believe they just leave your guys unsupervised? I said yes sir that is correct because my supervisor was fired this morning and until they hire a new guy who won't fall asleep on his keyboard we are alone, so what can I help you with? Angrily he hung up.
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Posted: 12th Dec 2022 06:01
Quote: " I said yes sir that is correct because my supervisor was fired this morning and until they hire a new guy who won't fall asleep on his keyboard we are alone, so what can I help you with? Angrily he hung up. "

That's really hilarious. Took my mind off trying to figure out whether space will cease to exist and time will last forever.
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Posted: 5th Mar 2023 18:59
I have, but I hated it, I'm glad I can work without having to interact via voice too much now.
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Posted: 31st May 2023 07:46
One of my first jobs in IT was a help desk in a public school system here. It was basically troubleshooting and monitoring a ticketing system all day. I started in two elementary schools where I later took over a spot in a high school. I enjoyed the work, but it was so repetitive. I got so sick of seeing the same things over and over.

1) Can't connect to wifi or internet.
2) My password doesn't work
3) My email won't show me new messages.
4) Printer does not work, or is out of ink.
5) User account set up, deletions, modifications, user groups etc.

Now don't get me wrong. It was extremally easy and I loved being a part of that community and the IT division. However, I feel that people who work that help desk it just gets to be that same old Office Space type of work where you have no idea what the heck is going on anymore. (lol) I think one of the highlights is helping people in a technical sense and showing them things they didn't know and them looking at us as some sort of computer wizard hacker types. It is rewarding and good place to start. Problem was I became the Go-To. If people couldn't figure it out, I got the call. Which is great to help, but it sure didn't come with mo' money.
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