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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Simple Color Channel Combinator and Terrain Editor

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Posted: 11th Dec 2022 16:07 Edited at: 11th Dec 2022 16:12
Color Channel Combinator(CCC)
I created this 4 years ago and think its quite useful, especially if you want to use my Terrain Shader and have or want to use other Image Tools.
The CCC can combine any color channel of any Image you can load into AppGameKit with any other Images color channel
The process is like this:
1. You select the base image you want to combine.
2. Then you select one of the Channels of your Base Image and import another image.
3. Now select the channel of the imported image to take over
4. do this for all channels you want to combine and press escape to save and exit the tool
5. You'll find the result in the Media/Rtesult Folder

ColorChannelCombinator Download

Terrain Editor
Then I have just made a simple terrain editor.
With this Editor you can sculpt the terrain and draw Textures.
But you will need a Terrain Shader that utilises splatmapping in all 4 Color Channels.
You can import and export all media like the Brush, Heightmap, Splatmap and Textures for the different Channels
Its still a bit buggy but one can work with it...

Terrain Editor Download

Those tools are very basic and hacked together but still need to be in any good tool chain i think, so if you dont have tools like this already, now you have


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