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AppGameKit Studio Chat / ChatGpt assist

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Joined: 1st Mar 2022
Posted: 14th Jan 2023 07:30
How about adding that?

What do you say?
I think it will be such an improvement
Might dissolve the forum for asking for help, and create much better apps.
Kevin Picone
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Joined: 27th Aug 2002
Location: Australia
Posted: 14th Jan 2023 15:21 Edited at: 14th Jan 2023 15:28
you can ask ChatGPT anything you want already..


Q) Can you show me some example AppGameKit source code ?


Q) can you write that in AppGameKit BASIC for me


PlayBASIC To HTML5/WEB - Convert PlayBASIC To Machine Code
Virtual Nomad
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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 14th Jan 2023 15:36 Edited at: 14th Jan 2023 15:48
i've used it a bit and it's not quite ready to be the "go to" for AppGameKit stuff but it's got potential.

i didnt keep examples but i've pasted functions into it and asked what they do and it was accurate so i can already see value in that where the explanations were pretty clear.

otherwise, i'd asked some other AGK-specific questions and there were a couple responses that were absolutely inaccurate, so...

Quote: "create much better apps."

not sure about that expectation. how so?

meanwhile, i was surprised that it couldn't/wouldn't "search the web". i expect that they want to offer "verified" responses but i'd rather they served up what the AI could find with a disclaimer while seeking validation (that could later be truly validated vs trusting public response). but, i'm sure they have a solid plan for expansion.
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Joined: 1st Mar 2022
Posted: 15th Jan 2023 04:33
Automatically creates better apps

1st you have another eye to watch how your code works

Asking a question like :
"Can this better" might find you better sorting algorithms and such

"my dropping fps" example
To maintain better loops, better sort, better approaches, less lines of code which do the same.


Once it is combined with Diffusion you will be also be able to create a complete graphical game and content.

Also obviously the more.we play with it and review it as "A Good Answer" every update will do much better.

Also to play with Pyton as there is the Pyton Agk now that hopefully will keep updating with Core Updates.

Also, to help Modders and Creators find Bugs.

It is not about specific Agk Basic or Tier 2 lines of correct code, but to help us implant ideas and turn them into code in a neat tidy way. Without all the mess of R&D.
AGK Developer
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Joined: 9th Jun 2003
Location: Germany
Posted: 16th Jan 2023 07:29
Aren’t you guys worried to give out your phone number to use it?
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Joined: 1st Mar 2022
Posted: 17th Jan 2023 03:04
Aren't you afraid of giving your phone to any kind of app?

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Joined: 7th Oct 2012
Posted: 20th Jan 2023 07:18
I was playing with it a bit yesterday... I asked something I knew was not possible and it kept giving wrong answers. Finally it said I better ask to the community.
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Joined: 1st Mar 2022
Posted: 20th Jan 2023 13:11
Hmm, what did you ask? Might be funny to try
Dark_ITheI _Angel
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Joined: 3rd Sep 2002
Posted: 22nd Jan 2023 15:20
It was giving me the whole time wrong answers too and it wasnt even giving BASIC code, i had to teach him the right answer. I think my question was Create a simple cube in AGKS.
I think it would become very powerful in future and hell it already is, but for code i wouldnt rely too much on it.
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Joined: 1st Mar 2022
Posted: 25th Jan 2023 01:57
It could also help in explaining Physics and how to create efficient loops and sort algorithms it does not have to "Write code"

And it could also help with Python which probably have more into it.

Help you understand how to create your own script language and 3d manipulations by numbers, shaders and probably a lot of Psuedo code.

It might as well replace completely Stack Overflaw more like a personal Assistant rather then to create code for you.

Tgc could then ask for some kind of yearly or monthly subscription as it will work inside the Ide and will calculate itself (Using Lee's help)/the Agk Specific and Also Game Guru.

Then, adding, Diffusion of sort at it's second stage, will create unique content in seconds.

All inside the Ide both and Game Guru.

Then, it all TGC products will be able to compete well Against Unity, Unreal.

I know I will decently pay 100 USD a year for this. Working with Agk? My favorite GDK. Pffff I will pay 200 USD a year for this.

It will be like a Chrismas every. Day.
I would pay even 300 - 500 USD every year for that.

And I don't even mind if it could do this for free in another Gdk.

This is called Loyalty.

Lee, I think this should be considered.
Especially when it will be sufficient enough, to teach children.

We will have to code, it will Help Like Jarvis Helped Tony Stark become Iron Man.

Sort of.

Thank God, I remained on Agk I learned How to Patent Stuff with it. Got to a of attention from the world.

I think this is valid and legit.
It will enable us to compete with all other Game Engines. And even... To import export to other Engines. As this is very fast and rapid development using the Broadcast feature.

So, if you take a child, teach him, he will be able first to learn allll the basics really fast, then he could do anything he likes.

So starting with Unity or Unreal, that is a tough learning curve.

Lee, why won't you present Agk as a Primary Children starting point for coding.

Manage to get a Mario Like game in 1 day.
Then move to Whatever. You still get the starting point of the children of England for example to get up and running.
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Joined: 1st Mar 2022
Posted: 25th Jan 2023 02:10

Lee and guys, you deserve a unique kind of Salute.
All major companies, released about 70 percent of their workers, you kept it small sized all of these years.

3 to 5 people Code Commando Unit.

One step a head, as you made this work and hobby.

Best decision of my life. Building something with the old Gdk.

I salute you.guys.

I think that you need just one more thing.

A better approach for Marketing User created games for some $$$ percentage.
Although Gpt will help, sometimes a mature and experienced eye Human could make a difference.

Letting people code like an Artist rather then a business man, that will be the Marketing Guy part.

I had a tall with one of my Music teachers, I asked him, if you are already successful why do you teach? Why won't you just dj parties?

He answered :
1. First I earn good money for teaching others, and people usually are so random it is actually fun.
2. I stay an Artist and not selling myself to the Main Stream.

That is an awesome answer.

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