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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Loading images with html5 from server

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Joined: 27th Aug 2013
Posted: 19th Jan 2023 15:48
Hi, I wish to load an image that is in a folder on the server the html5 runs on. Preferably a subfolder. Is this achievable?
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Joined: 8th Dec 2014
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Posted: 10th Feb 2023 11:59
You have to write a third-party script, for example in php, which you will call from agk, this script will upload files to the folder you specified on the server.
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Posted: 10th Feb 2023 18:52
You can build a REST api. The php script below can be used to server up images (even from outside the web root).

You can call up an image like so:

This is just a basic example good for testing, but wouldn't use in production without some extra security in place (sanitizing the input)

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