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Work in Progress / web-based tile editor

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Posted: 15th Mar 2023 01:47 Edited at: 29th Mar 2023 03:33
I started this tile editor in Java, then AppGameKit, then tried .NET. In the end I decided javascript, though I'm not entirely sure why lol. I use JS more than anything else these days and I guess I figured I'd be quicker development for me.

Still very early development, wrapping up day 2. I needed a better editor to rebuild my zelda clone in agk. Currently, the tileset is not changeable, though the map properties are.
Because not everyone has a nice pro-art monitor, I've added an option to change the grid color. Grid can be toggled by pressing 'G'. The screenshot is a combination of a map with the grid on and off.
The map data at present does exist but no way to save it yet. It will export in JSON for easy import to AppGameKit (soon as I figure out how that works)

This is to be more than just a simple tile map editor. You'll be able to set custom properties per tile, such as triggers, and place enemies or other objects. Tiled doesn't allow me to set individual properties which sparked the idea to create this.

Because of javascript limitations, due to security, when loading a map file you will be prompted twice. The first open dialog is to select the map file to load. The second is to select the sprite sheet image.

- Save feature completed (json)
- Load feature completed

Update 3/28
Revised the UI and added an attribute editor. Attributes have not yet been added to the map itself but are coming.

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Posted: 9th May 2023 16:57
404 Not Found?
If you ever want to do another web app and you'd like to stick to Basic-like syntax, SpiderBasic is perfect for that.

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