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AppGameKit Classic Chat / BUG AGK classic : shaders released too many time

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Joined: 17th Feb 2014
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Posted: 9th Apr 2023 10:36

I have a strange bug in AppGameKit classic (not in studio) :
- I load an object (a character 3D model)
- I set a simple shader1 on this object and 2 images (stage 0 and 1) : SetObjectShader(object, shader1) and setObjectImage(Object, image1,1)
- then after use it, when I quit the screen (startscreen) : I use : SetObjectShader(object, 0) and setObjectImage(Object, 0,1)
- then delete the shader1 and the image1
- i have sometimes this message : "shaders released too many time" in the line "Sync()" of the next screen (screen level)

it's on a "middle" project (3D RPG offline)

I can try to create a little "porject" to send to PAul or another developper of AppGameKit to see if it's an internal bug of sync() or an other thing

AGK2 tier1 -

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