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AppGameKit Classic Chat / "Alt Gr" fires as Ctrl

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Joined: 23rd Aug 2007
Posted: 10th Apr 2023 16:33
I had a customer report this one - the right Alt - "Alt Gr" acts as the ctrl key.

i.e I am testing for getrawkeystate(17) and if the Alt Gr key is pressed, it is returning true.

I've changed the code to test for getrawkeystate(17) and not GetRawKeyState(262) to get around this.

Is it meant to fire in this situation? I wasn't expecting it to.
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Posted: 10th Apr 2023 16:57
I think it's because 'AltGr' is the same as 'Ctrl+Alt'. You can also test this by opening an editor and pressing 'Ctrl+Alt+Q' then the '@' character should appear. Provided your '@' character is on 'Q'.
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