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AppGameKit Studio Chat / [SOLVED] 'data' operator, reading XML files etc

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Posted: 10th Apr 2023 20:17
Hi profis!
After 20 years back to Basic and 10 years break of programming at all (except HTML, Javascript etc): I'm wondering how I can import a lot of data into big arrays in AppGameKit. The old (and still actual, see FreeBasic) Operator 'data' to read a long list of data (which I can scrap from some of my old Basic projects) did not exist, isn't it?
When I export the integer data with FreeBasic, it seems there is a problem to read them with AppGameKit (4 vs 8 bit long). Currently trying to do it as string files.
Additionally, I can't find any build in solution to extract and use them from XML data files. Is there any?
Thanks to bring me back on the right path!

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Posted: 11th Apr 2023 00:29
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There is a great XML parser by Phaelax that may help you
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Posted: 12th Apr 2023 02:55 Edited at: 12th Apr 2023 02:56
i'm glad fubarkpk got you going. if it works for you out of the box, great.

but, you might consider parsing/converting your data to native .JSON handling (see the bottom of the page here).

depends on what you're doing with the data but i know the .json stuff is lightning fast on mobile (tons faster than reading line by line, etc)

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