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Windows / Images are in media folder in proper game project file, but won't load

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Joined: 13th Apr 2023
Posted: 13th Apr 2023 18:03
I have checked the path and it matches up with the folder, but the images are not being found.

Any fixes?
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Posted: 14th Apr 2023 01:40 Edited at: 14th Apr 2023 02:08
if the images are in the media folder, you would:

...for example.

if they are inside a folder (say, "Images") within your media folder, then:

when you say "I have checked the path", i'm thinking that you are entering absolute paths versus relative paths as above. ie, "relative" to the media folder (aka, the default Read folder).

to use absolute paths, you would preface with "raw:". ie:

without "raw:", you'll probably receive an error similar to:

if your path is absolute, your app won't be very portable. ie, you can't send it to a friend and expect the app to find images that are probably at a different location on their HD.

anyway, this is my guess at your issue given the info provided. ie, you didnt provide the error message nor the code that produced it so i hope this helps.

meanwhile, is this (only) specific to Windows? nothing indicates that it is (while this board is) so i'm assuming you're new to AppGameKit and i know that you're a new forum user so i feel this and your other thread are probably best posted in the Newcomer Corner (where they would be more prone to proper response). i can move them there if you like?


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Posted: 14th Apr 2023 18:05
Also check your filename case (uppercase/lowercase) as that often catches people out on any device other than Windows. So "MyFile.jpg" is different to "myfile.jpg" and would not be found.

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