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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / How to run DarkBasic as a .LIB file with Dark AI

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Posted: 26th Apr 2023 04:54 Edited at: 28th Apr 2023 01:38
Recently I was told where the original Dark AI source was (Thanks Raven) and now I want to run DarkAI in my compiler which in order to do so I have converted DarkEXE.exe (DarkBasic) into a lib file (DarkEXE.lib) so I don't have 50 header files when compiling Dark AI however I'm still getting errors despite linking the DarkExe.lib what could I be doing wrong? Your help is greatly appreciated as I want to run Dark AI nearly by itself and have DarkBasic as a library so it can run.

Original Dark AI Code:

In the original file set has DPRO function and DBO Data headers which usually generate DarkBasic.exe which is why I converted the DarkEXE.exe to a lib file to save time compiling.

Here's the code I have to link my DarkEXE.lib

Note: I have already tried going to project settings and going to linker > input and adding the DarkEXE.lib which usually doesn't work. Also the full source is below if needed although it's pretty close to the main Dark AI files


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