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AppGameKit Classic Chat / I am exited to share my first android game "Guess" with fellow developpers. I would love to hear your feedback.

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Joined: 9th Nov 2019
Posted: 28th Apr 2023 16:19 Edited at: 29th Apr 2023 13:30
After so much hard work from both me coding and few other people handling assets I have finially finished my android game that has a special place in my heart because I also made it to help people. It improves connective thinking cognitive ability that is very important in life and many jobs but is ussually ignored on education systems.
I would love it if few people from Appgamekit community could try my game and give me feedbacks on what they think. Its the first game I made and I made it with lots of love.
Here is the googleplay link for it:

Here is QR code to store page for easier access:

Let me know what you think in the comments and good reviews on googleplay platform if you like the game is highly appretiated <3

By making guesses for combination of colors the character wants to wear you recieve code output that you need to decipher in optimum amount of guesses and time.
The purpose of the game is to figure out which color combination the character wants to wear.
To accomplish this, the player must select a clothing object, then a color and repeat this process for all clothing items, afterwards press the check button.
The game will give hints based on the combination that the player has selected and if the player correctly guesses all colors, the player wins and the game ends.

There are three symbols; each with a preceding number giving the player hints based on his guesses. The meaning of the value of the number preceding each symbol is given as follows:

✔️: Amount of clothes that was assigned with the same color that the character wants to wear.
⭕: Amount of clothes that has the color that the character wants to wear but not on the assigned object.
❌: Amount of clothes that are assigned with a color that the character doesn’t want to wear any more of.

Here is screenshots of the game:


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Posted: 28th Apr 2023 18:04
I took a look at the store page, and it looks great Congratulation on making a finished product!
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Posted: 28th Apr 2023 22:38 Edited at: 28th Apr 2023 22:45
Quote: "Here is screenshots of the game:"

that's a screen of the same QR code

meanwhile, congrats, kocak. i am privy to some of your struggles on getting this published and i'm glad that you overcame them and saw this to the finish line. you've definitely earned this:

i also added the name of the App to the thread Title so that it's easier for folks to find

if you fix the screenshot, i'd be happy to move this thread to the Showcase Board if you like?

and, if you'd like to show it off in the AppGameKit Showcase itself, please do and let me know when it's posted so that i can award you with another badge.

meanwhile, i'll install soon!

thanks for sharing!
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Posted: 29th Apr 2023 14:28
Cybermind and Virtual Nomad thank you for your kind comments it made my day. I have looked into the showcase and plan to post it as soon as I can obtain an appropriate image.

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