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AppGameKit Studio Chat / APGK VR problem: Player does not stay on ground

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Joined: 6th May 2023
Posted: 6th May 2023 11:13 Edited at: 6th May 2023 12:02
I am really new to APGK.
I have a problem using APGK Studio VR
I used the Castle Demo and changed the world against an own world with stairs and ramps.
I can move in all directions.
The problem is: I can go up the stairs and the ramps but if I go back the Player stays on the height of the stairs.
I still can move but the player does not go back to the ground level.
What am I doing wrong, or what do I have to do to get the player staying always in touch with the ground?
Please help me.

Well, I can think of a solution, but I dont know how to realize that:
reducing players Y for say 0.01 until a collision with the ground happens.
But how can I check that?

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