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Geek Culture / :)Need help with Virtual interface design from scratch ?

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Joined: 27th Jan 2020
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Posted: 15th Aug 2023 11:52
Hi guys, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area, first time here and don't know where I should post.

I would like to find out, how to go about making/drawing in Ai/Affinity Designer w/Programming from scratch in step-by-step instructions or books or any detailed information on Virtual instrument control interface(like FL studio/Kontakt/Steinberg )that mimic real hardware in software and would like to know if it can be programmed in C# and or Python, etc, So basically I want to draw real instruments from scratch in one of the programs I mentioned above inc programming and mimic real device?

I have been searching for instructions, information, books etc no luck at all ...please point me in the right direction and books if you can guys thank you.

I have attached a couple of pics to show you what I would like to be able to achieve except on a smaller stage more like the last two pics to start with....I hope someone has the answer or answers in this field...


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Joined: 12th May 2018
Location: Nova Scotia
Posted: 18th Aug 2023 02:00
I approach it by layers, in your case each knob button would be its own animated graphic. I typically use photoshop shapes and styles to build up something like this:

Then I duplicate the moving layers and rotate/adjust to create animation frames relying on Photoshop to adjust the drop shadows and bevel lighting for the shapes automatically.

This works for me but there are a million ways to do it, just a matter of getting started and figuring out what doesn't work for you.
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Posted: 20th Nov 2023 17:21
Search the forum for UI or GUI design, several of us have made examples on building controls and whatnot. The buttons would be separate images displayed above your base image. A command lets you set the sprite depth to control this.
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