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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Why doesn't AppGameKitStudio save any bookmarks and foldings ?

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Joined: 23rd Mar 2022
Posted: 16th Oct 2023 16:59
I am a new user of AppGameKitStudio and I love it so much!

But, why does the IDE not save breakpoints and bookmarks?
So, bookmarks and breakpoints are completely useless to me.

Will anyone give me some advice?
Thanks in advance.

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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 16th Oct 2023 18:15 Edited at: 16th Oct 2023 18:21
unfortunately, saving bookmarks hasn't been added.

sometimes i add a Gosub Label as a "named" bookmark which is easy enough to jump to via the Functions tab (and, since i generally don't start variables, etc, with an underscore _ , said "bookmarks" are always on top of the queue/easy to find):
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Posted: 26th Oct 2023 17:13 Edited at: 26th Oct 2023 17:19
Isn't it something like



Between procedures / functions / code

This is for geany ide or AGk classic. Forget me, they must not use this ide in studio - sorry ignore me
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Joined: 24th Oct 2022
Posted: 30th Oct 2023 14:01
Foldstart and foldend does work on studio but when you fold it in it isn't remembered by the IDE.
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Joined: 7th Jan 2018
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Posted: 31st Oct 2023 20:25
I found this a couple of years ago with code folding and started using #include files instead and I think I prefer doing this although I think it should work if it's there.
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Joined: 12th May 2018
Location: Nova Scotia
Posted: 18th Nov 2023 21:23
I am a bit anti-folding now after not caring for years. Small functions ending up with lots of files is my approach (any file over 2000 lines seems like a labour unless its all closely related...) Everyone has their own methods, Ken Willams' (from Sierra) autobiography talked about max 20 lines per function and I nearly choked.
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