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AppGameKit Studio Chat / [SOLVED] SQL server modules

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Posted: 5th Nov 2023 15:58 Edited at: 5th Nov 2023 16:07

Most things these days is stored on a server of such like highscores, but I like SQL server functionality for its compression and security.

Just curious if it's possible to do such thing.

Like to write plug ins to create/read/update/delete to and from an SQL server by using the SQL command strings in AppGameKit and then send to a SQL server. This will allow logging in, passwords, highscores, current game status, images etc etc .

Is this do-able with aid of a plug in.

SQL server gives apps more protection - like apps like Facebook/Twitter (X),, discord, instant messaging apps things like that

Kind regards


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Posted: 7th Nov 2023 00:21
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You can certainly store data in an SQL server and send it queries via the web commands built into AppGameKit. You just need to have a web interface in between which accepts the requests and sends them to the SQL backend. Most people here (including me) use PHP for this and it's quite a simple task. AppGameKit supports communicating over https (encrypted) but you would probably want to add some extra security of your own too.
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Posted: 7th Nov 2023 09:02
Ahhh web server API back ends to so it instead and then send http web string into the Web API interface to then let that do the work.

Nice one, didn't think of it that way.



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