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FPSC Classic Product Chat / What version is it?

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Joined: 2nd Dec 2023
Posted: 2nd Dec 2023 17:02
After FPSC was released as open source, I downloaded it immediately, and there was no tgc store button, there was a quick preview button, and I had to reinstall the program and suddenly I had BlackIceMod store button, animations while the player was running, some red and green stripes at the bottom, etc. but they removed the option quick preview. So what version did I have and what version do I have?
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Joined: 30th Oct 2012
Location: United States
Posted: 3rd Dec 2023 11:51
Sounds like you have the Black Ice Mod version which I think is a modified version of 1.18 by a third party group. More information about the mod here:

Unfortunately, the TGC Store within FPSC no longer exists.

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